Windows Archives

Version 4.03 (01/22/2005)

- SBC instructions work in terms of ADC (thanks tepples)
- Simplified LDA instructions (work in terms of LDA Absolute offset)
- Fixed NESticle savestate loading somewhat (thanks Peach)
- Removed a junk (unused item) from CPU context

Version 4.02 (MMX) (12/30/2004)
Version 4.02 (SSE2) (12/30/2004)

- Fixed [FRA0] savestate block
- Reduced sound buffering to half (around ~3 frames instead of 5)
- Fixed WAV logging buffer size (due to change above)
- Fixed 2004h reads (debug code left has been removed)
- Minor PPU optimization

Version 4.01 (MMX) (12/12/2004)

- Fixed pAPU output divisor, making a clean sound again
- Fixed 4017h register issue (SMB3 dash & cracking block sounds)
- Enabled proper gfx shutdown (was disabled due to debug)
- Changed default blitter to 256x240, plus minor config fixes
- Recompiled 'alleg41.dll' module, fixing compiling warnings

Version 4.00 (MMX) (12/09/2004)

- Backed battery (SRAM) wasn't being saved on quit-to-OS, fixed
- Added a new tagged block to savestate, saving the pAPU frame timing
- Fixed a bug in the movie playback (joypad data logging *.RMx)
- Changed compiling flags, and the MMX version is back due to request
- Other minor fixes and comestic changes

Version 4.00 Beta 7 (SSE) (12/01/2004)

- Changed "i686 mmx" to "i586 sse" due to an Allegro issue
- Outstanding pAPU sound output fix, near perfect the real thing
- GameGenie support fixed, still needs testing (rewritten from scratch)
- Screenshots are back! Files are saved like "gamename 000.bmp"
- Changed Allegro' sound init parameter behaviour, plus source compiled as i586 instead of i686 (due to an Allegro issue)
- Enabled map90 irq counter (oops)
- Fixed joystick support (oops)
- Minor changes in the CPU core

Version 4.00 Beta 6 (MMX) (11/08/2004)

- pAPU sound fixes, plus better channel mixing;
- Improved blitting & video filtering (delete the old 'rocknes.ini');
- Added joystick support, use the 'rocknes.ini' config to activate it;
- Fixed a mapper reset bug, of cleaning a C structure;
- Changed those black&white gui colors;
- Famicom DiskSystem fixed somewhat, still buggy though;
- Minor fixes and tweaks.

Version 4.00 Beta 5 (SSE) (10/26/2004)
Version 4.00 Beta 5 (MMX) (10/26/2004)

- Major pAPU fix, precise timing and clean sound output;
- VRCVI sound driver updated & partially rewritten;
- DMC/VRCVI drivers clock using PPU cycles;
- Sound output can be disabled (fixed);
- Fixed sprite zero pixel collision, 'Wagyan Land' games work properly, plus fixes flickering scores (Cobra Triangle) and a freeze in Punch-Out!!
- Preliminary fix for MMC2/MMC4 support (Punch-Out!! and Fire Emblem);
- GUI colors are displayed correctly, no matter the palette or video mode;
- Fixed 'pixelated' and 'scanlines' video filters, plus its screen centering.

Version 4.00 Beta 4 (SSE) (10/12/2004)
Version 4.00 Beta 4 (MMX) (10/12/2004)

- DMC channel playback fixed (new core);
- Fixed DMC/RAW volume decay;
- Fixed a CPU bug in the 'relative branches' on page crossing;
- Sprites are displayed on second visible scanline;
- Sprite counter is now cleaned on scanline 21 start;
- IRQ timing fix for mappers 21,23,24,25,26,73,41,42,91,117 (working again);
- Fixed Bandai IRQ timing emulation (fixed mappers 16,65,67,69,83);
- Added proper Jaleco IRQ timing emulation (fixed mapper 18);
- Added proper Mapper 90 IRQ timing (needs a small tweak & mapper fix);
- CPU opcode 04 defined as 'NOP' ('Kaijuu Monogatari' works);
- Started FDS driver fixing, still unplayable;
- Usual code cleanups.

Version 4.00 Beta 3 (10/09/2004)

- Fixed PPU clocking behaviour ('scanlines' demo is okay);
- Fixed ADC/SBC CPU opcodes (thanks Disch);
- MMC3 IRQ timing improved somewhat;
- Fixed PPU scanline 20->21 clocking;
- Compiled under Dev-C++ (much better);
- More minor fixes and usual cleanups.

Version 4.00 Beta 2 (10/02/2004)

- Windows port, now compiled with MinGW;
- Disabled: EAGLE filter, GUI Help->System, screenshots;
- Broken mappers: 9 & 10 (MMC2/4), and possibly others;
- Removed a CPU timing hack, leaving the things "as it";
- Minor changes in the CPU core to avoid bugs on game loading;
- Correct power-on/reset CPU behaviour (thanks nesdev);
- Fixed a bug in the WorkRAM I/O behaviour;
- Savestates should work fine now (older files may be incompatible);
- Fixed MMC3 IRQ timing somewhat (mapper 4 mainly);
- Fixed default keys mapped to A and B, instead of Z and X;
- Proper PPU 8-pixels left clipping;
- Video output is 16-bit now (instead of 8-bit);
- Fixed color emphasis/monochrome modes (try CopperBars);
- A couple of other minor fixes...


RocknesX Version 2.0 Final (04/14/2002)

- AUDIO, GUI: SERIOUS bug fixed in the sound setup: the soundcard information was being incorrectly stored. This fixes some odd errors on audio initialization.
- GUI: Fixed a few typos.
- GUI: Removed the warning telling that the filtering mode is not supported when running with 3D Hardware support
- GUI: The GUI was not using correctly the rocklist.dat file during the startup. Fixed.
- GUI: fixed a bug that was preventing the list of ROMs to show the last rom in some cases.
- INPUT: Fixed a bug that was causing the joystick to stop working after a video mode switch (during the emulation)
- INPUT: In some systems the keyboard was starting to beep after a few minutes of continuous play. Bug is fixed.
- VIDEO: new multithreaded gfx engine: now the emulation is able to run at full speed even if very slow videocards. The gfx engine will try to render the maximum number of frames possible (60 fps is the maximum). This means auto frameskip support.
- VIDEO: added official video filtering support (MMX cpu required)
- VIDEO: 2D slow blit fixed
- VIDEO: SERIOUS bug fixed when switching video modes during the emulation. This fixes random crashes when the emulation is stopped
- VIDEO: Many fixed bugs in the video filtering mode
- VIDEO: Fixed many bugs that was avoiding the full screen mode to resume after the window is minimized
- VIDEO: The RockNES X help in-game text was moving incorrectly using windowed and 2D mode.
- CORE: fixed some memory access violation bugs
- CORE: sync (to maintain the emulator at 60 fps) greatly improved
- CORE: frames per second measurement improved
- CORE: Gamegenie support added
- CORE: In some systems after the RockNES X was closed the desktop was affected.
- CORE: command line support fixed
- CORE: .dat format updated
- EMU: based on the latest rocknes release.
- NETPLAY: added support to .zip filenames (even when the remote side has a .nes file)
- NETPLAY: fixed a bug that would cause the emulator to crash when the initialization fails in the remote side
- NETPLAY: Added support to have a .zip file in one side and a .nes file in the other.
- NETPLAY: In some cases the player 1 would have to wait for a long time after stopping the netplay mode. Fixed.
- NETPLAY: Fixed the loss of sync when switching the video mode during the emulation
- NETPLAY: Fixed the loss of sync after a remote save state loading
- NETPLAY: The temp dir (used to store a remote savestate) was not set correcly. This could prevent non-admin users to use such feature under Windows 2000/XP.
- README: readme text greatly improved!

RocknesX Version 2.0 Beta 3 (07/31/2001)

(By Fx3)
- This is the last beta that I have. The new feature is a fast SuperEAGLE/2xSai.
- I hacked some text to display beta 3, but sometimes you may found beta 2.

RocknesX Version 2.0 Beta 2 (06/03/2001)

- The battery save is FINALLY working
- The GUI menu item File->Play Selected Rom has been fixed
- Now RockNES X stores the roms list in a file (rocklist.dat), so it do not need to search for your 5000 roms
every time the emu is started :)
- The way screenshots are named has changed. Now, the screenshots are automatically saved as <romname> 0.bmp,
<romname> 1.bmp... <romname> N.bmp. It is not needed to change the slot to save different shots during the
gameplay. Using the old system (slots), you could save up to 10 shots per game. Now this number has been
increased to 2 billion :)

RocknesX Version 2.0 Beta 1 (05/31/2001)

This is the first beta release of the RockNESX 2. It has new features, like Netplay, 3D mode, Zip support.
Please send you bug reports to <>. Enjoy!


- The way RockNES X and the RockNES core interacts has been completely rewritten
- Input Control partially rewritten (major joystick bugs fixed)
- Sound Engine rewritten: the output quality is better and the lag has gone away :)
- Added 48kHz support to the Sound Engine
- Sound Device selection fixed
- The audio buffer size can be configured now
- Scanline support rewritten. This new version is MUCH faster
- Now it is possible to toggle between Windowed and Full Screen Mode while playing (F11 key)
- 3D Hardware Support added (of course using bilinear filtering!)
- Font Engine Optimized and partially rewritten, to support the 3D mode
- Frameskip support removed (due to the RockNES emulation core requirements)
- The Screenshot system has been improved and also supports the 3D mode
- The GUI has been improved (lot of bugs removed, things added/removed)
- The Folders dialog now has the "look subfolders" option
- The .dat (the RockNES X config file) format has changed, to support more options and future format updates
- Netplay mode (support for TCP/IP, serial port, IPX and modem2modem). Remote savestate loading is also supported
- Several bug fixes
- Error handling HEAVILY improved
- Zip support added (finally! :))
- In sync with the latest RockNES source (1.9x). It is really a lot of things to describe here.

RocknesX Version 1.61 (12/08/2000)


- This new RockNES X version can be 40-120% faster than the previous version.
- Added triple buffering
- 8 bit rendering engine optimized
- Auto frameskip added (highly recommended!)
- Ppu code optimized
- Now RockNES X creates automatically the savegames, movies and battery save directories when necessary.
- Battery save fixed
- Added screenshot support


- Mapper #33 improved somewhat (support Flintstones);
- Mapper #43 (150-in-1) changed to number #235;
- Mapper #48 (SMB2j (LF36)) changed to number #43;
- Fixed mapper #21 (Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 has correct gfx);
- Fixed mapper #68, more games are playable;
- Fixed VS Atari RBI Baseball patch (on reads);
- Fixed pAPU timing (was completly wrong, damn!), output is better;
- Added ppu tile caching system
- Added a decent savestate format - unhappily NOT compatible with the old ones;
- Added a new method for noise luts, much clean;
- Added mapper #180 (Nichibutsu, game Crazy Climber supported);
- Added preliminary VS UniSystem reads handler (Atari RBI Baseball works),
thanks to xodnizel;
- Added a cheap hack to get Paris-Dakar Rally Special working (map66);
- Fixed a major bug in the mapper #40 (SMB2j) reset;
- Fixed mapper #83 CHR bankswitch (World Heroes2 works);
- Fixed mapper #232 (BF9096 chip - used by Codemasters' Quattro carts);
- Fixed mapper #233 (the '20-in-1' half works, 'reset' to active);
- Fixed number of cpu cycles per sprite DMA transfer;
- Fixed ppu layout (frame starts at VBlank);
- Fixed ppu latch system and ppu reads, thanks to Ki for his findings
(pass ok in the tests programs).
- Fixed mirroring state saving (when a mapper uses a custom mirroring);
- Tweaks in the FDS driver, more games are working;
- Cleaned up the 16k CHR RAM support code, used by mapper #13;
- General cleanups to boost the performance;
- Added a 'secret' mapper, as explained in the rocknes homepage...
- NES sound driver partially rewritten. Added real-time state for register
$4015, which fixes sound output for all games;
- Added mapper #76 driver (Namco 109);
- Added mappers #72, #92, #101 (Taito mappers);
- Added mappers #83 (Cony mapper), #240;
- Added mapper #100 (NESticle MMC3 hack mode, untested);
- Fixed mapper #70 (small hack for Kamen Rider Club);
- Fixed mapper #113 (to support HES carts);
- Removed duplicated pattern table saving on games with no VROM.
- Fixed a bug on sound reset, the noise channel is now working properly.
- Better noise emulation;

RocknesX Version 1.42(10/19/2000)
- Windows 2000 bug solved!
- Small GUI problems fixed (now you know when the ROM is incorrect)
- Better noise emulation (by Fx3)

RocknesX Version 1.41(10/15/2000)
-Improved Rendering Engine
-Windowed Mode Support
-VS Palettes Support
-Pause Key
-Improved Joystick Support
-GUI bug fixes
-GUI support for NES, VS and FDS roms
-and... ALL the core is in sync with the newest RockNES (DOS) version.
(TONS of changes to describe here!)

RocknesX Version 1.201
- Joystick mapping fixed
- Now you can play again with sound disabled ;o)

Note: the RockNES X 1.1 was not public released.

RocknesX Version 1.2
- Joystick support!!!!
- Load Game fixed
- GUI improvements and fixes
- New artwork
- New "Font Engine"
- Pixel Interpolation (if supported by the hardware)
- Scanline modes added
- The 16-bit mode is compatible with old videocards
- 24-bit mode fixed
- 8-bit color palette now is 100% correct
- new synchronism system: now the video is smooth even on ultra-fast machines
- now a thread controls the sound output. Many sound related problems (mainly with
slow machines) were solved
- Command line support. Now you can type "RockNESX game.nes" or create shortcuts to
your favorite games!
- A ROM can be loaded by a Windows standard load file dialog (you asked for it...
so you got it!)
- FULLY compliant with the RockNES 1.06 (newest DOS version)

RocknesX Version 1.05
-All the emulation related changes in the rocknes 1.05 (dos) release
-Minor speed improvements in the rendering engine
-High color and True Color modes support (16, 24, 32 bits)
-if supported by hardware, the stretched mode uses pixel interpolation...
on a Viper 770 it looks just great!
-in newer video cards (like Viper770), the 16-bit mode is faster than
the 8-bit mode
-2 players support (thanks!)
-The keys are now configurable
-now the configurations are saved when are editing them, not only when you
close the RockNES X
-the savestate format changed (because of the new CPU core)
-Better sound output
-New keyboard controls
-Now the GUI supports files with any extension
-GUI bug fixes
-General code optimization
-Minor bug fixes

RocknesX Version 1.0 (03/09/2000)
-RockNES X released!
-RockNES 1.03 DOS-version compliant

This is the first release of the new RockNES X emulator. A lot of work is
needed, so do not expect an incredible emulator... it is the first release!

Joystick and 2-player support, as well more compatible sound emulation are
under development. Some optimizations can be made, so future releases will
be much faster (and better!) than now.